In Praise of the Wizards of Code: And their creations!

I teach fine art iPhone Photography, documentary in style. No Instagram here! The whole process from Capture to Editing, Tweaking and Printing are all done on the iPhone itself. Some might scoff at this premise but I believe there is a value and advantage to having such a tactile experience with the process, not unlike the time spent in the Darkroom moving prints from tray to tray. And yes the screen is small but in some ways it forces one not to get too caught up in all that "pixel peeping" that people often do. And lastly it is liberating to be anywhere, and have in one's pocket access to editing and tweaking the most recent batch of Photographs on the iPhone

I am not one that is particularly afraid to plunge elbow deep into the unknown. At the end of the day to have the bits and pieces of some machine disassembled at my feet, chips of wood or metal filings on the floor all about us is not unusual! In the past, in the "analog" world to solve a problem it would very often call for the sculpting of some tool that would do just what you need it to do, a screwdriver with the head notched just perfectly for that one task, or a Vice-Grip plier whose jaw was filed down to hold down a piece of work waiting to be further beaten into submission :-)
This is the iTab, a Tablet Mac about five or so years before the iPad :-)

Getting things done is often about having the right tools available. I have built, modified or redesigned most every piece of photographic equipment we use, even venturing into the digital realm. When it comes to computers I have taken solder iron in hand and have done my best to shape the tools needed to get the job done.


What motivates us?

In a casual conversation with a Student some of my experiences pertaining to Police Officers as well as the all to common experience of trying to be thrown out of places because I don't wear shoes came to light. They stopped for a bit and looking at my Photographs questioned why they weren't darker in mood or more angst ridden

My general response to such questions is that I Thank God I have lived such a Blessed life and what do I really have to complain about! Rather I look to Gods creation, to those miricales that take place before my very eyes and this is what I choose to meditate on and what I feel led to share

Listening to SebastiĆ£o Salgado give his TED Talk reminded me of this conversation




New Term Starting

New Term Starting

A beginners Class will be starting on May 1st 10:00am

This Class will be an introduction to using the iPhone as your primary Camera

Thursday Classes are starting on the 25th

The Thursday Classes will be focusing on gaining better control of the Tweaking process as well as Printing


Setting up PhotoSync on your Computer

We're going to start from the beginning to get us used to purchasing Apps from the Desktop (OSX) AppStore


iPhone App List

So this is a list of the Photography apps that I run on my iPhone
Camera, Tweaking, and Export


We are so on top of it! :-)
You should be able to sign up with a click of a button!


OK Kids! So it looks like this here train is rolling out of the station!
The Photographers Workplace is starting up again.