OK Kids! So it looks like this here train is rolling out of the station!
The Photographers Workplace is starting up again.

For you who are uninitiated we used to teach conventional Black and White Photography. Printing in the Darkroom, processing film and all that went with it!
So after a bit of a hiatus, or more like a raising from the dead we're back!
iPhone Photography Classes will be starting on January 31 (dates & time) (location) (what we're teaching).
There'll be coffee, maybe some fresh baked bread and lots of things to talk about!

It's a brave new world!

Requirements- an iPhone 4 and up would be best but a 3gS could work also. Have it fully charged and updated to the latest OS (6.0.1) and a working iTunes account so you can download apps! If you don't know what that last sentence meant, have no fear that's why we are here and you are taking a class :-)

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