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iPhone Photography: Beyond Instagram
(starting 5-1-13)

Learning to see the World around you, to quiet yourselves enough to witness what is being revealed in that moment
We take a purist approach to this, looking not to over manipulate the Photograph but rather to develop a consistent and personal vision, looking for the specific tools that will enable that vision to grow stronger.

The six primary aspects of workflow for iPhone Photography
(as we practice it)
  1. Capturing the image
  2. Editing the photographs one takes, discerning the better ones from the larger group and recognizing themes/narratives that might be running through a persons body of work
  3. "Tweaking" or making adjustments of the photographs so that a more faithful representation of the scene might be represented and to express more clearly ones reaction to that moment
  4. Archiving ones photographs, backing them up to a desktop computer, moving them between devices (such as from iPhone to iPad)
  5. Sharing the photographs that are produced, this might be on a social media site, blog or photo hosting service
  6. Lastly printing

The freedom that the iPhone offers us in terms of ease of use and its ubiquitous presence forces us all the more to practice a discipline of use and vision when we approach the iPhone as a camera.

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